Pathfinder Adventure Path „Hell’s Venegeance“

Illustrations for the inner cover of Paizo's Pathfinder Adventure Path Campaign "Hell's Venegeance". I was commissioned to do the illustration in an art style like in Medieval illuminated manuscripts.

Client: Paizo Publishing, 2016

Illustration for an Archon in Mediveal art style. Client is Paizo Publishing for their Pathfinder Adventure Path Campaign "Hell's Venegeance". Illustration von einem Archon in einem Mittelalterlichen Kunststil. Kunde war Paizo Publishing for ihre Fantasy Rollenspielkampagne "Hell's Venegeance"

Illustration of an illuminated border in an celtic mediveal art style for the Pathfinder Adventure Path campaign "Hell's Venegeance". Illustration einer Seitenverzierung in einem keltisch mittelalterlichen Kunststil.




Illustration of a Zebub in an mediveal art style. Illustration von einem Zebub in einem mittelalterlichen Stil.







PZO90108-Astral-Deva-final-web PZO90108-Horned-Devil-final-web