Hans in Luck

This was a very interesting project as the client is a gourmet burger grill, who chosed the Grimm's fair tale "Hans im Glück" (Hans in Luck) as their Corporate Identity. They commissioned me to do illustrations for their menu-card.

I attached the sketches, I showed to the client to determine with what design we should go. The graphic designer wished the clothes of Hans to look like in the logo of the burgergrill.

The illustrations describe Hans' way back to his mother's house. On his way he changed his giant gold nugget for a horse, the horse for a cow, the cow for a pig, the pig for a goose and finally the goose for a grindstone and a ordinary stone. Both get lost in a well and Hans free of all these burdens goes happily back to his mother's house.

It was told to me by the graphic designer that the menu cards get stolen on a regular base. Seems that people really like the work I did. :D

Client: Hans im Glück - Gourmet Burgergrill, 2011